Hot Air Balloon

I need a break from Graduate School and everything. Let’s enjoy life!

Paul Ramos and I attended the Hot Air Balloon in Pampanga last Sunday. It was a very good experience because it is our first time to attend the Hot Air Balloon. Clark Pampanga is just a 2 hours drive from Manila if you have your own car if none well that’s okay the transportation is very convenient if you wish to visit the place.

I considered Pampanga as my second home because I do field work and I always visit Clark Pampanga every two months. I enjoyed eating one of my favorite food in Clark which is the Takoyaki.


If you wish to visit the place justs ride a bus from Five Star Cubao station and tell the driver to drop you in Dau Terminal if you are a student the transportation fee is one hundred twenty-one pesos only while the regular rate is one hundred thirty-nine pesos. The transportation fee is very cheap.

I also tried the Chew and Brew milk tea and it makes my tummy very satisfied. It was very hot so you need to bring an umbrella in order for you to protect yourself from the sun plus you need to bring sunglasses and extra money so that you can eat delicious food like Takoyaki.

I would like to share with you some of the beautiful pictures from Clark Hot Air Balloon.


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